Karst-O-Rama (KOR) is the annual caving convention and fund raiser* hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Grotto (GCG). KOR takes place at The Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve (GSP) near Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. KOR is like a family reunion that's presented by cavers, for cavers (or those newly interested in caving!), and runs from Friday through Sunday. Activities include, but are not limited to, guided cave trips, cave equipment vendors, the Guano Grill at the picnic shelter, and caving-related contests, among other things. There is a "Howdy Party" Friday evening for everyone to get reacquainted, and on Saturday evening there is a banquet, program, and door prizes, followed by live music and a great dance party:

"The theme for next year's KOR will be something new and unique. Check back here in January to find out what's new. The trips will always be enjoyable."

* Proceeds from KOR benefit both The Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve and the Greater Cincinnati Grotto's donations to other caving organizations.

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