The KOR Pledge

The Greater Cincinnati Grotto and the Karst-O-Rama 2021 Committee hope all attendees will enjoy the facilities, programs, and events we have prepared for your caving, social, and musical pleasure this weekend. We want everyone to have a great time while here. You can do your part to assist everyone to have a good time by agreeing to the following pledge:

As a condition to register for attendance at Karst-O-Rama 2021, I agree to behave responsibly and safely at all times. I will not deface or destroy the grounds, equipment, buildings, or caves on the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve property or on any of the other properties I may visit while attending Karst-O-Rama. I will treat other attendees with respect and help others in the event they need my help. Any disputes will be resolved amiably.

I understand that caves are a unique and valuable resource and will make every effort to keep them pristine. I will have proper caving equipment for any trip I attend while at Karst-O-Rama. That includes suitable clothing, good boots with sturdy non-slip soles, a caving helmet with a mounted headlamp, sufficient batteries or carbide for the planned trip, a minimum of three suitable sources of light, and a suitable pack to contain other items I will carry into and back out of the cave.

I will not deface, defile, or damage any parts of a cave or any lifeforms therein. I understand caves and their environment present unusual and dangerous hazards that require my full and careful attention to prevent injury to myself or others. I will behave responsibly, whether inside or out of a cave.

I will adhere to the Caver's Code:

  Take Nothing But Pictures,   Leave Nothing But Footprints,   Kill Nothing But Time!

I furthermore agree I will do my best to have a good time and enjoy the fulfilling experiences provided by the underground and Preserve environments. I'll do my best to ensure others will do the same.

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